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Masterplan & Architecture

Designing Willoughby’s
natural neighbourhood

The architecture of Willoughby Grounds is inspired by the expansive green spaces, undisturbed plant and animal life, parks and sport grounds throughout Willoughby and its neighbouring suburbs.

Architecture Urbaneia creative director Mo Chehelnabi says his team, with its extensive experience integrating new spaces into the Lower North Shore, worked hard to ensure the new addition to the community contributes positively to the place and Willoughby.


Willoughby Grounds is built on a strong synergy between multi-layered architecture and a flourishing natural landscape, working in unison to create a sense of serenity and connection to the place. ” Mo Chehelbani,
Architecture Urbaneia

The Masterplan

Each of the five buildings of Willoughby Grounds has its own distinctive design style, giving your home its own special feel. This sets Willoughby Grounds apart from the singular, imposing structures that dominate much of the Sydney residential landscape.

Face brickwork, metal cladding and concrete framing and edges set a welcoming rustic tone that interacts with surrounding greenery and sunlight streaming in from the north.